Rathinam Techzone is a knowledge centric township which is built in about 70 acres, which includes the following educational institutions. Apart from this our campus has an IT Park and an Entertainment Zone.With over 37+ years of experience in education Rathinam Group plays a vital role in the educational development of the state. Rathinam is more than just a typical college. It has a new idea in education that takes the concept to a higher stratum. It’s an experience that no other educational institution in this category can offer. It’s all about life in its various dimensions – Learning, Working and Living. That is Rathinam with a difference. What the college offers has an impact on all aspects of life, in which learning is just one aspect. The college preempts what education in the future would be because any learning environment that exists in isolation, divorced from the reality of the world outside “The campus is bound to be regressive” in every respect. At Rathinam, what we do is providing the right environment for all-round growth, in which academic is just one part of it. We believe in ever changing milieu calls for concentrated efforts that gives the student’s skill sets that would stand by them in good stead all through life. At Rathinam in fact, students can look forward to a life transforming experience


Rathinam Technical Campus
Rathinam School of Architecture
Rathinam College of Arts & Science
Rathinam Institute of Management
Rathinam International Public School
Rathinam Techno Park
Rathinam Community College

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